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Being a Force for Good with Sheree Baugh

April 01, 2021 by Coach Training EDU

For Sheree Baugh, CTEDU Certified Executive Life Coach, it is people who matter most. 

Sheree: “Every human life holds weight, and that weight has an impact on us all.”This perspective was solidified in her after living through a set of simultaneous experiences that include experiencing the battle and loss of her father to cancer, navigating a toxic relationship, and navigating the ups and downs in discovering her career path.

As coach, Sheree empowers leaders to drive positive impact by showing up to work in ways that value and honor others, as they do themselves. She is most excited about the leader who seeks to be a force for good in their communities – from the church ministry leader, to the corporate executive who values people, as well as profit.

When she isn’t coaching, Sheree manages team marketing programs at a geo-spatial technology company; is dancing and choreographing new pieces for the church and friends; busy being a sister, daughter, relative, friend and girlfriend; and listening to an interesting podcast or audiobook. 

Sheree holds a M.B.A., is a State of California-certified Mediator, and is working towards professional certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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