Interview Series

Coach Training EDU™ launched a weekly interview series to explore the creative work of world changers. Our guests are scientists, activists, scholars, and creatives thriving in their professions. Each episode will feature individuals who are adding empathy and enthusiasm to the world by sharing their research, ideologies, and contributions. 

The interviews are inspiring. They’re intended to invite listeners to join the conversation by submitting a personal story about their meaningful work, joining the conversations happening on the blog, and subscribing to CTEDU’s informative, encouraging weekly newsletter.  

The Coach Training EDU mission is to provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers and promotes human flourishing. The purpose of the interview series is to highlight innovative creatives and inspire the growing community that supports and sustains this mission. 

You’re invited to share your personal story. Talk with the founder of Coach Training EDU™ and Master Certified Coach, John Andrew Williams, about the work you’re doing in an insightful conversation that will be shared with 6,000+ subscribers.

Submit your personal story here.

The outline for each interview:

  • A brief introduction 
  • Your personal mission and an overview of your life’s work
  • Reflections on previous projects, publications, and creations
  • Outlining current works and visions for future projects



To provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers, and promotes human flourishing.

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