Interview Series

We’re launching a weekly interview series that explores the creative works of scientists, writers, artists and world-changers. 

These interviews will be inspiring, insightful, and encouraged to invoke reflection and appreciation.

Coach Training EDU is working on creating a global Interview Series to highlight and feature individuals who are changing the world with their research, practices and viewpoints.

In creating and sharing this series, our mission is to highlight these innovative creations and share its value with our CTEDU community. We are excited about the influential nature of your work and would love to invite you to a 20 to 30 minute interview with John Williams, the founder of Coach Training EDU and Master Certified Coach.The conversation will be divided into three parts:

  1. A brief introduction of yourself and your life’s work
  2. Reflections on previous projects, publications and creations
  3. Outlining current works and visions for future projects

We will post the interview on our CTEDU blog as part of a weekly series and distribute the link to our newsletter with over 6k subscribers with an open rate of over 35%. If you have a link, page, or publication you’d like you promote, we would be happy to share that on our website as well.

Looking for more to digest? Our YouTube channel is a great resource for information and stories from Coach Training EDU graduates all over the world.