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Coach Theory

Welcome to Coach Theory – Your On-Demand Coaching Experience!

Launching in January 2024, Coach Theory revolutionizes the coaching landscape with a dynamic coaching-on-demand app, akin to the convenient model of ride services like Lyft. Now, finding the perfect coach for your needs is as simple as a few taps on your device.

How it Works

  1. Tailored Coaching Requests: Clients have the flexibility to customize their coaching experience. Choose the session length that suits your needs, select the preferred experience level of your coach, and set the budget for your coaching session.
  2. Instant Coach Matching: Once your coaching preferences are set, the app sends out notifications to all available coaches. The first coach who accepts your terms – including your chosen price – gets connected with you instantly for a coaching session.
  3. Seamless Voice Connection: Your Coach Theory experience is designed for convenience. As soon as a coach accepts your request, you're connected via voice for a coaching session. No need for lengthy scheduling or planning – coaching happens when and where you need it.
  4. Post-Session Feedback: After each session, both the coach and client have the opportunity to provide feedback, share notes, and rate the overall experience. This ensures continuous improvement and helps maintain a high standard of coaching excellence.
  5. Build Relationships: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing different coaches for various sessions, or build ongoing relationships with coaches whose style resonates with you. Coach Theory allows clients to book future sessions with any coach they've worked with in the past.

Why Coach Theory

  • Effortless Matchmaking: Our app simplifies the process of finding the right coach for your unique needs.
  • Flexible Customization: Tailor each coaching session to your preferences, from session length to coach experience level.
  • Real-time Connection: Experience coaching on your terms – no waiting, just instant connection with a coach ready to help.
  • Transparent Feedback: Provide and receive feedback to ensure continuous improvement and maintain a high standard of coaching quality.
  • Repeat Engagements: Easily book future sessions with coaches you've worked with before, fostering ongoing growth and development.

Get ready to embark on a transformative coaching journey with Coach Theory. Download the app in January 2024 and elevate your personal and professional development with on-demand coaching at your fingertips!

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