why life coaching

Why Life Coaching?

You’re exploring one of the most exciting and gratifying career paths, and any kind of transition like this poses the question of Why? Why is this a good choice for me, can I make money with coaching, and ultimately, will it be fulfilling work?

We’ve been training life coaches for over 10 years and we’ve learned that giving purpose while also earning income has changed people’s lives for the better.

Help others do meaningful work.

Life coaching is still a relatively new field which is designed to help clients: 

  • Recognize and identify their capabilities
  • Craft action steps to achieve goals
  • Design ways to stay accountable 
  • Build resilience in the face of setbacks
  • Build self-awareness
  • Generate learning
  • Accomplish meaningful work
If more people are doing better work, the world becomes a better place.

Be on the cutting-edge of a growing profession.

Life coach training equips you to be a professional life coach by building your confidence in your ability to create change so that you can empower others to transform their lives. Whether your goals are to work within an organization or create your own thriving practice, you’ll train to be at the forefront of a field transforming education, wellness and business. 

Is coaching right for you? Read our Blog to learn about  the 3 essential abilities to be a successful Life Coach.

Life coaching: why it may be your calling.

  • Coaching is a fast-growing field, and 75% of CTEDU graduates make coaching income.
  • It allows you to work for yourself and build your career at your pace.
  • It fills the need to do meaningful purposeful work by empowering others to bring out the best version of themselves.
  • Coaching and the power of positive psychology makes everyone do better work, therefore creating a better world for all
  • The coach community will provide a whole new network of professional and personal contacts. 
  • You learn more about yourself in the training as you mindfully explore your own ingrained assumptions, limiting beliefs, and ideas of identity.

Ready to launch your life coaching career?


We train both executives and coaches to boost productivity in business. Through coaching, colleagues learn to connect and are inspired do their best work.


We believe that education can be revolutionized if teachers were coached on the socio-emotional life skills that students need. Our clients repeatedly experience increased retention rates after coaching programs.


Health and wellness coaching jobs are estimated to increase by 21% by 2022. Learn to help clients clarify life goals and make positive changes towards living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.