When to Bring Yourself?

When we start as life coaches, we think the best ideas come from the coach.

When we begin to get more life coaching experience, we learn the best ideas come from the client.

When we have been life coaches for years, we know that the best ideas come from the coach-client partnership.

In our coach training programs, we teach that a coach should never be afraid of his or her intuition. Instead, we must recognize that, to some degree, our intuition will be behind every question or direct communication. Since this will happen whether we want it to or not, we should be mindful of how we use our intuition. We need to make sure our questions open the conversation rather than lead it.

Today’s Powerful Question:

As you coach, consider asking yourself this question from time to time: “Is my intuition the main ingredient, or is it simply spicing things up for my client?”

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