When Does Life Coaching Work?

The Life Coaching Process Works.

Coaching is a process that provides measurable results, and the research behind the value of coaching is becoming more robust. However, a question that often comes up in class is: When does life coaching work? In other words: “What makes the difference between good coaching and great coaching?”

As in these past few posts on coaching confidence and performance, one major factor in taking coaching practice from “good” to “great” lies in the coach’s trust in the process. When a coach seems nervous and self-critical in a coaching session, the client will take that as a cue. This coach-doubt tells the client that they are on probation:

“My coach wants things to be perfect, so don’t mess this session up!”

The following is a video where coaches in our training program describe their own journey in letting go of their nervous self-criticism and embracing the coaching process to add value:

Keep these three things in mind as you grow as a coach:

  1. It takes time to trust the process of coaching to add value. Usually coaches in training see this personal transformation happen around the halfway point of a coach training program. As you get into coach training, keep looking for the difference your belief in coaching makes in your practice.
  2. The less you focus on adding value to your client’s life by directly or indirectly making personal suggestions to them, the more the process of coaching will add the value they need most.
  3. The more you trust the process of coaching to add that value, the less responsible you feel for your client’s success. This relaxed attitude helps your client open up further, share more, hear themselves think and recognize the most powerful actions they can take to change their lives.


When the coach is confident, the client is confident.

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