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Tammi Sheridan | CTEDU Certified Wellness Coach, California

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Launch Your Wellness Coaching Career

Become a Wellness Coach in as little as 6 months

Wellness Coach Training offers you the tools to build a strong coaching skillset as well as additional tools specifically designed to focus on health and wellness.

The Strongest Foundation
for Your Wellness Coaching Career.

The Wellness Coaching Program is an ICF accredited 24-session intensive online coach training program.

Independent Practice

The US Department of Labor estimates that health and wellness coaching jobs will increase by 21% by 2022 giving you the confidence to launch your independent practice. As part of your training, you’ll receive business-building materials and support to help you as you launch your business. 

Hired In-House

The RAND Workplace Wellness Programs Study found that in 2012 approximately half of employers with at least 50 employees, and 90% of those with more than 50,000 employees, offered some sort of wellness program in the workplace. As a certified wellness coach, you’ll help employees uncover personal strengths and self-awareness and mobilize them to taking meaningful action steps in their lives and at work.

Training for Your Team

Health and wellness coaching is changing the way we do healthcare, and the positive results are prompting a demand for more trained and certified health and wellness coaches around the globe. The program supports teams who want to clarify life goals and make positive changes towards living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The 5 Elements of the Wellness Coach Training Program


Cultivate Your Coaching Strengths. Using a strengths-based, growth mindset approach, you have an opportunity to explore your own personal brand and style of coaching. Your strengths will empower individuals with the self-awareness and motivation they need to make lasting change in their lives.


Career Growth with Purpose. Health and wellness coaching is shifting the paradigm, and the positive results are creating a demand for more trained and certified health and wellness coaches all over the world. Whether you choose to launch a coaching practice or serve as an in-house coach within an organization, you will have the resources and know how of the best practices you need to excel. Launch your own practice. Get hired. Bring coaching to your organization. 


Experience, Context & Specific Tools. After exemplifying the Essential Coach Qualities, you will then add a variety of tools, exercises, and strategies to your repertoire for working with clients. Clients want to make lasting change, but they don’t always have the tools, support and accountability to be successful. That is where wellness coaching comes into play. Draw on over a decade of experience from CTEDU in learning wellness coaching tools.


Resting on a Foundation. You’ll embody the Seven Essential Coach Qualities, have a cohort of like-minded leaders with the mission of changing health & wellness to grow with and expert ICF-accredited trainers to guide you every step of the way. 


Theory of Positive Psychology. You’ll learn life coaching tools and theories rooted in positive psychology, hope theory, neuroscience and sports psychology. Your training program has a foundation on which you will build the skills and strategies necessary to aid your clients in achieving their success.

Wellness Coach Training & Certification Paths

Associate Coach Level

Associate Level includes 1.0 Wellness Coach Training and Mentor Coaching. It’s an ICF Accredited program designed to equip you with the skills and tools to who work with clients or organizations to help them to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness.

Professional Level

Professional level adds the 2.0 Advanced Coach Training. It’s a course designed to give you deeper insight into your coaching style and strengths. Including more concepts from positive psychology and more coaching tools.

Master Level

Master level provides a variety of electives so you can choose a collection of courses that will provide you with the resources, tools, and best practices for your unique coaching approach and desired professional goals.

Master level adds more courses including Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity as well as Teams & Relationships to meet the 200 hour training requirements and ensure a mastery of coaching concepts.

"In Coach Training EDU’s training program, I found another level of myself that I didn’t even know was there. "

-Christina Dizon | Oregon, U.S.

Realizing the importance and impact that emotional and spiritual health can have on you, Christina became a Stress Management and Performance coach. She focuses on coaching first-responders to lead with energy, beat stress, create more impact and avoid burnout, after becoming one herself.

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Wellness Coach Training & Certification Paths

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Request an Info Packet. And in the meantime, you can check out the FAQs, the Tuition & Pricing page, and the Schedule page.

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Speak to an Advisor. Get all your questions answered. Here’s the 3 Essential Considerations when choosing a coaching school to use as a guide.

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Attend a FREE Sample Training Class. A coaching program is an investment in time, money, and energy. This course is designed to give you a firsthand experience of what training with CTEDU is like.