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"Coach Training EDU opened my eyes to my own life's purpose through their training program. Not only did I get my certification, but I found my life's purpose through Coach Training Edu's amazing program."

Lauren Reins/ Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness Coach Certification Program

Let’s revolutionize approaches to health and well-being.

Beyond launching a successful career, your coaching practice ultimately makes the world a better place to live. Let's change the world together.

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CTEDU has trained thousands of coaches belonging to organizations including

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Health and Wellness Coach Training: Career Change With Purpose

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Health and Wellness Coach Training: Career Change With Purpose

Wellness Coach Training Certification Paths

CTEDU Wellness

The complete accredited health and wellness coach training program will help you enable you immediately apply your learning to help your clients live their best lives. Through CTEDU’s program, participants often experience personal transformation while building the tools required to help their clients to have their own transformative experiences. 

The complete Professional Program includes the following:

1.0 Essential Coach Training

This course is designed as a foundational course for coaches working in any niche, including the wellness field. This course includes the ICF-required Group Mentor Coaching course to ensure you obtain professional feedback as you develop your coaching skill set. 

Wellness Specialization Add-On

A cutting-edge, self-paced specialty add-on, this course is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge and skills they will need to work with clients across an array of health and wellness-related topics, including sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, and managing a healthy diet.

Health Board Course

Designed to prepare coaches for their Health Board Certification, this robust course offers teaches coaches how to work with clients with more specific health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease or chronic illness. 

ICF Wellness

Completion of the CTEDU Professional Wellness Coach Training makes you eligible for ICF credentialing through the Level 2 pathway. An ICF credential comes with the prestige of an internationally-recognized certification and the credibility of achieving the highest standards in coaching. 

Health Board Certification

In addition to CTEDU and ICF certification, this is the only program that also makes you eligible for a third credential: Health Board Certification. 

Tahnthawan Coffin

"I would not have the confidence to start a coaching business without having trained with CTEDU. Everything from the fact that we were supplied with the most incredible mentors during our training, everything is so professionally delivered in each class session... the textbooks that are full of resources, I continually look to for support.

There is even a group of people.. through the many, many opportunities to connect with other coaches who I now look to for support and talk to regularly about business ideas and approaches to coaching.. I just, I would not be starting this without the support of CTEDU.

Tahnthawan Coffin/Wellness Life Coach

Wellness Coach Training to Better the World

As health coaching becomes a more widely-recognized and sought-after profession, more opportunities are beginning to arise. Health coaches are now seen at health insurance companies, in community stores, health food stores, working alongside physical therapists, in day spas, at wellness retreats, in schools an universities, and even in addiction centers. The possibilities for health and wellness coaches seem to be growing by the day, making now the perfect time to enter the field.

Icon Become a Health & Wellness Coach Entrepreneur

Become a Health & Wellness Coach Entrepreneur

With more certification options than most coach training programs, CTEDU provides health and wellness coaches with everything they need to build a private practice as a Health & Wellness Coach. 

Icon Take Your Coaching Skills to the Health Field

Take Your Coaching Skills to the Health Field

With more healthcare professionals advocating for more multifaceted and preventative approaches to healthcare, the demand for health and wellness coaching is growing. With these unique coaching tools, you can serve as the bridge between a doctor and their patient. 

Icon Become a Certified Corporate Health & Wellness Coach

Become a Certified Corporate Health & Wellness Coach

Company culture is evolving, and managers are seeking solutions to the ever-present work-life balance equation. As a certified health & wellness coach, you’ll help your organization develop more engaged and satisfied employees. 

Wellness Life Coach Training & Certification Courses

Foundational Wellness Life Coaching Courses

1.0 Essential |

Wellness Specialization Add-On

Certification & Business Building

Group Mentor Coaching |

Build Your Life’s Work

Advanced Coach Training Courses

2.0 Advanced |

Health Board |

Belonging & Equality |

Relationship Coaching |

Intro to Positive Psychology

Coach Training EDU by the Numbers


Coaches trained in CTEDU Programs.


Compound annual growth rate from 2023 to 2032.

*Statistic from Precedence Research


The median salary of Health Coaches in United States

*Statistic from Salary.com


Number of countries with trained wellness coaches

Mark Morton

"I want to touch as many people as I possibly can through my coaching knowledge and the expertise that I've gained through the coaching program here at Coach Training EDU. When I discovered coach training EDU and started getting coaching and start tapping into the greatness that was inside of me, I pushed past all those limiting beliefs. Now I show up stronger, I show up greater in the world. I'm now able to feel my purpose because now I know the greatness that's inside of me.

Mark Morton/Wellness and Transformation Coach

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The World Needs Health & Wellness Coaches

It has never been more important to live a lifestyle that promotes healthy living for a better life. According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans are leaving their jobs in record numbers, many citing shifting priorities in how they view their health and their work. 

CTEDU’s Health and Wellness coaches are trained with these cultural shifts in mind. Our accredited coach training program offers a robust curriculum that rests on the foundation of positive psychology research to help you build sustainable and healthy habits with your clients.

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