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We’re grateful that you chose Coach Training EDU to partner with you on your Life Coach journey.

What’s Next:

  • Within the next two business days, we’ll reach out with a decision on your application. If accepted, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to complete your payment and log into your student folder.
  • In your student folder, you will find links to the course materials page and digital copies of the text books and other resources. 
  • Within two to three weeks (and a week or two longer if you live outside the US), you should receive a hard copy of your textbook.  

And in the meantime, let’s connect. 

  • Please reach out to [email protected] or 503.360.6700 with any questions.
  • Join our community on Instagram at @coachtrainedu and Facebook.
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Experience Life Coach Training

We’re excited to invite you to a free live training experience where you’ll get a feel for a CTEDU training session!

In this 2 hour live, interactive experience, the trainer will dive into several life coaching tools and allow time for you to engage in a genuine coach training experience. Please find a list of times/dates in the link below.

+Live Training Experience

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