Unknowable Potential with CTEDU Trainer Lindsay Helm | Resiliency Series

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Resiliency Series | 0 comments

Join CTEDU Trainer Lindsay Helm and CTEDU Co-Founder, John Andrew Williams as they explore her personal and professional journey with resiliency, and the importance of growth mindset.

Lindsay is currently a trainer for Coach Training EDU, and continues to inspire our coaches in training with her experience with growth mindset, and overcoming challenges.

Here’s a short excerpt from Lindsay’s coaching practice, Forward Effects Coaching. 

Ultimate Underdogs

While I have many personal examples of being stuck (stuck in a boring job, stuck in bad and unhealthy habits, stuck in fear of failure), let me share my whopper, my ultimate “how the heck do I move forward from here??” moment.  In September 2014, exactly four weeks after we had our first baby, Matt was paralyzed in a kayaking accident and told he’d most likely never walk again.  Yep.  How’s that for a curveball courtesy of Life?Lucky for us, we both had a stubborn unwillingness to accept the “likely” outcome as fact and destiny.  Matt’s immediate response was, “Miracles happen all the time. Why not me?” and my thought was, “Well, they said ‘most likely never,’ they didn’t just say ‘never.’”  We were lucky to have a growth mindset with a competitive never-give-up edge, which we know came from years of training as athletes.

We were also lucky to have my coaching skillset which we applied to get us through the hard stuff (those dark moments of doubt that inevitably come no matter how mentally tough you think you are), and to help us be proactive and figure out where to go from there so we could beat the odds.


Read more about Lindsay’s story here! 

View the Transcript Here: Unknowable Potential with Lindsay Helm

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