Wellness 1.0 Self-Study

The Wellness 1.0 Self-Study option allows you to work through the materials and content from the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course at your own pace. You will receive books and access to an online materials page, which will allow you to learn and review the concepts on your own, without scheduled class meetings or a trainer.


What is included?

The Wellness 1.0 Self-Study option gives you the opportunity to learn the Wellness Coach Training concepts at your own pace and without the commitment of a full training course. It is an excellent option if you are looking to gain some additional coaching skills or tools to use in your current work.

With the self-study option, you will receive:

  • A hard copy of the Wellness Coach Training Guide
  • Access to an online class page with pdf versions of all texts from the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course and 15+ hours of recorded class lectures

However, please note that the self-study option does NOT include any of the business-building materials from the full, live training program.

How does it work?

Upon your registration, you will receive your books in the mail and access to an online materials page in an email. Once you receive these materials, you are free to work through them at your own pace. There are no live class meetings, requirements for practice clients, or additional requirements for completion.

The self-study option, however, is not part of any ICF-accredited training program, and the hours you spend with the materials do not count towards certification with Coach Training EDU or the International Coach Federation (ICF). If you are interested in becoming certified, the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course may be a better fit for you.

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What is the difference between the Wellness 1.0 Self-Study option and the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course?

The Wellness 1.0 Self-Study option provides you with access to the training materials from the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course. Unlike the full training course, the self-study option does not include live training sessions or access to business-building materials.

Additionally, hours spent with the self-study materials DO NOT count toward Coach Training EDU or ICF certification.

Who typically enrolls in the 1.0 Wellness Self-Study option?

The self-study option is excellent for coaches who are already certified and are simply looking to gain more specialized skills and tools for coaching around health and wellness concepts. Some coaches also start out with the self-study option and then join a full training course later on. You have the option to apply the cost of Wellness 1.0 Self-Study to the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course at any time.


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