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Life Coach Training Certification & Accredited Training Programs | Lauren Reins
“Not only did I
get my certification,
but I found my life’s
purpose through
Coach Training EDU’s
amazing program.”
-Lauren Reins,
2017 Course Graduate

Launch Your Health Coach Career in 6 months.

With Confidence.

Demand for Health and Wellness Coaches continues to grow.

The US Dept. of Labor estimates that health and wellness coaching jobs will increase by 21% by 2022.

The Wellness Coach Training Program is designed to give you the skills and tools you need to help people improve their health and wellness. On a deeper level, it is part of a larger health and wellness movement.

Part of that movement is supporting coaches in establishing thriving coaching practices. As part of your training, you will receive business-building materials and support to help you as you launch your health and wellness coaching practice.

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“Coach Training EDU was a fantastic way to fine tune the skills of helping others. From empathetic listening to helpful exercises that aid people in understanding their lives better, this training inspires, connects you, and nourishes you to live your best life as a coach for others.”
– Sheena Jeffers

4 Pillars of the Wellness Life Coach Training Program.

Life Coaching

The foundation of your training is an International Coach Federated (ICF) accredited coach training program equipping you to work with any client on any topic.

Health and
Wellness Tools.

The Wellness Coach Training Program is designed to give you the skills and tools you need to work with clients to make positive, sustainable life-style change.


Coach Training EDU is passionate about helping coaches do their life’s work. The business building tools save you time and make your more efficient in establishing your wellness coaching practice.


You will make lifelong friends in your training program and the support of alumni and ongoing support for graduated coaches will support and nourish you and your practice.

Your Training Experience

How Our Education Model is Different

1. The Classroom is Flipped.

Lectures are prerecorded so class time is spent engaging with instructors and participants.

2. No Grades. Only Feedback.

Assessments and checks for understanding are designed to guide, not judge. Exploration and creativity thrive in such a safe space.

3. Real Work. Deep Learning.

The clarity you gain from the feedback and one-on-one practice will transform you. You will grow as much personally as you do professionally.

“Deciding to pursue the Wellness Coach Training is one of the best decisions I have ever make. All the learning and the growth that I’ve accomplish is priceless!”
– Sandra Rovira-Santiago, 2017 Graduate

We Walk Our Talk.

So You Can Walk Yours.

The Wellness Coach Training Program is accredited at the highest standards.

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WCTP Course Details.

Each of these courses may be taken individually or you can combine them to complete the full Accredited Coach Training Program.

1.0 Wellness Coach Training

This foundational coach training course covers fundamental coaching skills, tools for coaching around health and wellness-specific topics, and business-building support to help you launch your life coaching practice.

Mentor Coaching

Hone your coaching skills and gain the mentor coaching hours you need for certification in this 8-week course.

2.0 Coach Training

This coach training course integrates positive psychology with advanced coaching concepts to expand on your skills and prepare you for further certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Is Coach Training EDU for you?

More than a program, health and wellness coaching is a movement. See industry trends and overview of health and wellness coaching.

More about starting a wellness coaching career.

You can see what other participants have said about the training program.

Check out program details: 1.0 Wellness Coach Training, Mentor Coaching, and 2.0 Advanced Coach Training.

You can read our FAQ section or request a PDF with a summary of the information.

You can check out tuition and full year course schedule as well as certification requirements.


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