Core Academic Life Coaching  

The Core Academic Life Coach Training course is designed for coaches who have already completed a coach training program and who are looking for specific skills and tools for working with students.

 This 8-week training builds off of the coaching skills you already have and includes how to deliver all of the exercises from the Academic Life Coaching Workbook. 

Training Topics

The Core Academic Life Coach Training course is designed to provide you with enough training for you to be successfully deliver the Academic Life Coaching Program to students. Your training will cover the 32 concepts addressed in the Academic Life Coaching Workbook; including, the Core Motivation tool, learning and thinking styles, types of motivation, assumptions and limiting beliefs, inner critic, future self, and many others.


The Core Academic Life Coach Training course is an 8-week training experience. It meets live, once a week, for two hours and is lead by one of our trained and certified coach trainers. Each class meeting will provide you with time to ask questions, discuss the material, and practice the coaching concepts with the other participants in your class. Like all of Coach Training EDU’s online courses, lectures are pre-precorded, so class time is spent in discussion and coaching practice.


As part of your training, you will receive access to an online class page with all the necessary training materials:

  • PDF versions of the course textbook, the Super Training Guide, as well as all other written texts you need throughout your training. ( You will also receive a hard copy of the Super Training Guide and three copies of the Academic Life Coaching Workbook for students.
  • Links to all pre-recorded lectures discussing the Academic Life Coaching concepts.
  • Class syllabus, calendar, and link and instructions to access class each week.
  • Sample marketing materials to provide to parents or schools.
  • Recordings of all class meetings on a class YouTube playlist.


Upon the completion of your training, you will receive an official letter of completion from Coach Training EDU.

If you have completed one of Coach Training EDU’s 1.0 or 2.0 Coach Training Programs, you will receive official certification based on previous training hours.

The Core Academic Life Coach Training course is officially 16 hours of coach training within an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program. It may be added on to any other training hours that you have accumulated in order to apply for certification with the International Coach Federation.

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