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Coach Training EDU started as an education company, providing life coach training to individuals interested in providing coaching in the education, health and wellness, and executive coaching worlds. What we didn’t expect was such a demand for Coach Training EDU trainers to deliver in-person workshops at different schools, universities, and organizations. It turns out that coach training is an excellent way to develop professionally and to bring innovative new skills and tools to groups of professionals. Add in the benefit of those coach training hours counting toward a credential, and you have the genesis of the Coach Training EDU Professional Development program.


Training Options

Coach Training EDU offers a variety of training options for you to bring coach training to your team. Whether you are a school looking to give your teachers some additional tools, or an organization interested in leadership training for your staff, we have your training covered.

Host a One or Two Day, In-Person Training

Coach Training EDU offers a one or two day training option for each of our 1.0 coach training courses. You can choose to experience a pre-designed training day, following the outline of any of our 1.0 courses, or you can pick and choose from the topics offered to build your own day.

  • Professional Development for Schools. Coach Training EDU excels in offering PD days for high schools and university staff. From local schools in Portland, Oregon to universities in Baltimore and New York, Coach Training EDU has delivered dozens of professional development days to educators and administrators.
  • Professional Development in Business. Coach Training EDU specializes in offering leadership and professional development for millennials and those working with a younger workforce. A natural progression from Coach Training EDU’s focus on high school and college students, working with motivation, organization, and productivity of a younger workforce is a core strength of Coach Training EDU’s.
  • Professional Development in Health and Wellness. Coach Training EDU also offers professional development days that focus on stress reduction and healthy lifestyles. Such material is also appropriate for educators and the corporate world. Health and Wellness PD days look at the positive psychology behind different strategies of healthy productivity, exercise, and sleep.

Coach Training EDU and the trainer leading your workshop will work with you to determine what would be the best fit for your organization and design the day around your needs. For more information about in-person training days, contact us directly.

Enroll Your Team in a Training Course

We start a new 1.0 Academic, Wellness and Executive Coach Training course approximately every other month. If you have a number of staff members who are interested in training and becoming certified coaches, having them complete a full training course is an excellent option.

If you are interested in sending a group of your staff members through any of our 6-month, 1.0 courses, check out the schedule page and contact us.

Start Your Own Training Course

For larger groups interested in completing a full training course, Coach Training EDU is able to put together a unique training experience at a day and time that is best for you and your team. This option is available for groups of 10 or more. If you are interested in putting together and scheduling your own training course, please contact us.

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