1.0 Executive Coach Training Course

The 1.0 Executive Coach Training course is is designed to prepare you to use coaching skills and tools with executives, leaders of organizations, and other working professionals who desire personal and professional growth. This unique training experience is perfect for new coaches or current coaches who are looking to specialize in working with executives and leaders who influence an organization.

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Training Topics

Your 1.0 Executive Coach Training will include a variety of foundational coaching concepts, as well as specific skills and tools for working with professionals and groups within an organization.

You will learn the basics of coaching, including how to listen empathetically, establish a successful coach-client relationship, and design actions with accountabilities with your client. In addition, your training will add on specific tools for addressing things such as personal and professional growth and team coaching within an organization.

Lastly, you will receive tips and tricks for launching your own successful coaching practice and how to find your first paying clients.

To see a full class syllabus and view sample materials from the full training program, click here.

Class Logistics

The 1.0 Executive Coach Training course is a 24-week training experience that aims to prepare you to start working with clients and launch your coaching practice within 6 months. The course meets once a week, for two hours, via webinar and is lead by one of our trained and certified coach trainers. Each class meeting provides you with time to discuss concepts from the reading and pre-recorded lectures, ask questions, and practice coaching. The full training program includes the following components:

  1. order now Weekly class meetings. As mentioned above, the 1.0 Executive Coach Training course consists of 24 training sessions over the course of 6 months. You will meet once a week, at a designated class time, for two hours. To become a certified coach. you must attend at least 20 of these 24 training sessions. Each training session is also recorded, so you are able to catch up on any missed class time.
  2. https://mysonginthenight.com/songwriting/ click here Practice Client(s). As part of your training, you will be required to find and work through at least 10 coaching sessions, with at least one practice client. Working with your practice client will give you the chance to practice the skills you learn in your training sessions, as well as help you gain firsthand experience as a life coach
  3. click here Coach-Client Overviews. You will be required to complete a total of 4 coach-client overviews (mentor coaching hours) throughout your training – these are due by weeks 6, 12, 18, and 24. This allows you to incorporate the feedback you receive into your subsequent coaching sessions and develop good coaching habits from the start of your coaching journey.
  4. buy now Final Exam. The final piece of certification is an exam with 25 questions and two 250 to 500 word essays. The exam takes at most an hour with most participants finishing within 45 minutes. 

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Materials Included

Your 1.0 Executive Coach Training will include access to an online class page with a variety of training and business-building materials, including:

  • PDF versions of the course textbook, the Executive Coach Training Guide, as well as all other written texts you need throughout your training. ( You will also receive a hard copy of the Executive Coach Training Guide).
  • 15+ hours of recorded lectures addressing concepts from the course textbook
  • Program syllabus, calendar, and link and instructions to access the webinar class each week.
  • A sample business plan and client contracts
  • Pre-made workshop scripts and materials from the Do Your Life’s Work series
  • Recordings of all class meetings on a class YouTube playlist


Coach Training EDU offers its own proprietary certification as an Associate Certified Executive Coach, upon the completion of the 1.0 Executive Coach Training course. You are also eligible for certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF) after completing your training.

Certification, both through a proprietary organization and the ICF, is an important step in establishing a successful coaching business. For more details about Coach Training EDU’s certification requirements or certification through the International Coach Federation, click here.


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