Biz Launcher 

Coach Training EDU’s Business Launching Course

A six month program designed to help you launch your Coaching practice.

Biz Launcher 

This class is for the person who wants to start their own coaching business but isn’t sure how to start or doesn’t want to do it alone. You’ll move into action for the next six months, with group check-ins and one-on-one coaching sessions strategically sprinkled to provide accountability and support, helping you keep the momentum going!

Our Biz Launcher class starts August 21st and will meet weekly for 24 consecutive weeks from 8 AM- 9 AM PT.

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  • Course Completion

  • Please enter the dates of your three coach-client overviews with your Coach Mentor. If you are unsure of the exact date, do your best to estimate. You must complete 3 coach-client overviews with your Coach Mentor and earn the necessary score in order to qualify for a CTEDU certification.