2 0 Coach Training Course

2.0 Coach Training Course
Advanced Training

The 2.0 Coach Training course is designed for experienced coaches who have completed any of Coach Training EDU’s 1.0-level training courses (ie. 1.0 Academic, 1.0 Wellness, 1.0 Executive Life Coach Training) or who have completed another life coach training program previously.

This advanced coach training programs aims to take your coaching skills to new heights and prepare you to further your certification.


The 2.0 Coach Training Program combines research in positive psychology with advanced coaching concepts to enhance your coaching skills and make you an all-around better coach. The additional training hours from this course will also allow you to pursue a higher level of ICF certification.Topics covered in the 2.0 Coach Training Program include:

  • Positive psychology’s history of and theories on curiosity, flow, habit change, and resilience
  • Exercises to help clients build flow, develop grit, and balance competing values in their lives
  • Ways you as a coach can use biofeedback in your coaching sessions
  • The ICF’s coaching standards for professional-level coaches

And so much more! Coach Training EDU is dedicated to training coaches to be successful in their coaching careers, and part of that includes becoming certified with the ICF. One of the main focuses of the 2.0 Coach Training Program will be making sure that your coaching skills meet the ICF-standards for a Professional Certified Coach.


The 2.0 Coach Training course is a 24-week training that focuses on taking your coaching skills to the next level. It meets once a week, for two hours, for 24 weeks. As in all other Coach Training EDU training courses, you will meet live, via webinar, and you classes will be lead by one of our trained and certified coach trainers.

  1. Weekly class meetings. The 2.0 Coach Training course consists of 24 training sessions, over the course of 6 months. You meet once a week, at a designated class time, for two hours. To become a certified coach you must attend 20 of these 24 training sessions. Each training session is also recorded, so it is easy to catch up on anything you may need to miss.
  2. Coach-Client Overviews. You will be required to complete a total of 4 coach-client overviews (mentor coaching hours) throughout your training – these are due by weeks 6, 12, 18, and 24. The timing of the overviews allows you to incorporate the feedback you receive into your subsequent coaching sessions.
  3. Final Exam. The final piece of certification is an exam with 25 questions and two 250 to 500 word essays. The exam is to be taken by the end of your 6-month training. 


Your 2.0 Coach Training will include access to an online class page with all training materials, including:

  • PDF versions of the course textbook, the Super Training Guide, as well as all other written texts you need throughout your training (You will also receive a hard copy of the course textbook).
  • Program syllabus, calendar, and link and instructions to access class each week.
  • Recordings of all class meetings on a class YouTube playlist.


Coach Training EDU offers a variety of proprietary certification options. Upon the completion of any 1.0-level training course and the 2.0 Coach Training course, you are eligible for certification as a Certified Life Coach. Your specific certification (ie. Academic Executive, or Wellness) will depend on which 1.0 course you completed.

Coaches who have completed a coach training program previously may complete any self-study option or a core training course in place of a full 1.0 training program, and be eligible for the same certification.

In order to officially complete any of Coach Training EDU’s full Accredited Coach Training Programs, you must complete any 1.0-level course, group mentor coaching, and the 2.0 Coach Training course.

You also qualify for certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF) after completing your training.


To provide life coach training that changes lives, launches careers, and promotes human flourishing.

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