Essential Coach Quality Inspiring

Essential Coach Quality: Inspiring
Revisiting the seven Essential Coach Qualities.

The last essential quality a coach should possess is to be inspiring. 


1. A professional coach inspires clients to take bold action steps and design effective systems.

An effective coach guides clients to create exciting action steps that are small enough to be manageable, yet large enough to be meaningful. This quality shows up most clearly in the strength of the well-designed actions a coach and client co-design. A well-designed action includes these elements: being stated in the positive, effective size-to-time ratio, starting and ultimate success is completely controlled by the client, and the measurement of success is tangible.

2. A coach effectively ties action with Learning and Being, addressing both a client’s agency and possible pathways.

When a coach also asks questions about how the action step relates back to a client’s agency (Learning and Being), they add another dimension to the coaching. When clients are taking action steps not only to get the tasks completed, but also to learn more about themselves, the effectiveness of a certain perspective, or how well they can use the tasks to develop another skill set, action steps become that much more meaningful. When the action step seems to combine equal measures of action and learning, the coach is doing well, and likely creating action and learning steps that inspire even bolder action in the future.

3. A coach co-designs accountability with clients, and addresses the strategic and session agendas effectively.

The final piece to designing inspiring action steps ties back to addressing accountability and the best ways for the coach to follow up during the next coaching session. Designing an Alliance around accountability ties back into the first coaching quality: Professional, and completes the coaching core quality loop.

How this shows up on a coaching assessment:

To what degree is the client the main designer of the action?
Does the designed action also include developing greater awareness of learning for the client?
How well does the designed action relate to the session and deeper agendas?