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Proven: Academic Life Coach Trained Student Advisors led to a 14% boost in student retention at Oklahoma Christian University.

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Accredited Life Coach Training

The 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training Program is a fully accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) program. Participants who successfully complete the 1.0 ALC program are also eligible to apply to become a Certified Academic Life Coach.

Tailored to Students

Academic Life Coaching starts with classic coaching skills and adds additional tools designed specifically for students. The 1.0 Academic Life Coaching program also includes training on how to deliver the 10-session student coaching program.

Evidence-Based Practices

Based on Positive Psychology, Academic Life Coaching is based on the latest research and evidence-based practices. Over the past 10 years, Academic Life Coaching has consistently shown a boost in student’s academic performance and personal resilience.

Tools to Launch Your Practice or Integrate into Your University

Along with your training, you also have access to a business plan and guidelines for how best to integrate life coaching into your classroom or your work with students at a university level.

Academic Life Coaching Archive
  • "Thank you!! I've been learning a lot! I've learned more about coaching in your class and your mentor ship class than I am in my college classes... I've really enjoyed working with you!"

    Cassandra Porath
  • "Thank you for leading this class. It's been an amazing journey!"

    Bryan Hart
  • "WOW!!! This training is not only changing my life but has allowed me to change the culture of my organization."

    Tania Wildbill
  • "Truly a milestone for Dubai and the entire Middle East to host Academic Life Coaching."

    Banan Hadidi
  • "Thank you again for your efforts and the platform you offer. It's been a remarkable and meaningful journey. We are changing lives."

    John Rossitto

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