30 for 30 Coaching Program

Doing your life’s work is easier when you have a community, especially if that community is also a group of passionate, trained life coaches. Add in set times every other week to meet, coach, get coached, and design accountability, and you’ve got the 30 for 30 Coaching Program.

30 for 30 Coaching Program

Who is the 30 for 30 Coaching Program For?

For Alumni

The 30 for 30 Program is open to anyone who has completed a training course with Coach Training EDU. The program is designed to help you keep up the momentum of personal and professional growth that you gained during your coach training.

For Current Coaches-in-Training

The 30 for 30 program offers you a chance toto get additional practice coaching and connecting with other coaches. It is also an opportunity to make up training hours to meet the attendance requirements for a any 1.0 or 2.0 training course.

For Individuals interested in Coach Training

Prospective coaches are invited to attend a session to get a feel for our trainers, community, and coach training experience. The lead trainer on the call, as well as other coaches, are always happy to answer any questions you may have during the meeting as well.

Logistics of the Coaching Program

For $30/mo you get 30 minutes of being coached, 30 minutes of coaching, and 30 minutes of Q&A with a Coach Training EDU trainer and other coaches. The program is free for all currently enrolled coaches.

The 30 for 30 Program meets every week, for 90 minutes. Each week will alternate a morning and an evening meeting option.

Morning Option: Wednesdays 9-10:30am PT

Evening Option: Wednesdays 4:30-6pm PT

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Coaching Session Plan

The first 5 minutes of the meeting is a check-in on accountabilities from the last session. The next hour is devoted to 30 minutes of coaching and 30 minutes of being coached. Then, we return as a larger group to quickly debrief and conduct a Q&A session for the remainder of the 90 minutes.

For those interested in enrolling in a Coach Training EDU course, you have the option to sit in as an observer for two meetings. The course trainer will hold a quick Q&A for people interested in training, give you some guidelines, and invite you to observe a training session to get a feel for webinar training and to meet some of the coaches who have been through training (or who are currently in training).

Coaching Session Guidelines

generic viagra without a doctor prescription Stick to Time. As much as it is nice to meet new people who live halfway across the globe, please stay on your best coaching behavior and jump into the coaching. You can always exchange contact information and connect outside of the coaching sessions.
The coach is responsible for keeping time and sticking to a 30 minute limit then switching. Using a timer on a phone or another device is recommended.

here Strict Confidentiality. Afterwards, in the debrief or in asking questions, please do not mention any specific content details of your client’s coaching session. All coaching sessions are completely confidential. Part of the 30 for 30 agreement is strict confidentiality of what is shared in the coaching sessions.
You are welcome, however, to share the content and details of your experience as a client during the debrief time.

cheap generic viagra mail order pharmacy Stay Accountable. To keep continuity with accountabilities, we recommend using the Do Your Life’s Work Planner. It’s a little booklet designed to use with clients, with a section to map out action steps and habit planning. It has space for 12 weeks. You will receive a year’s supply when you sign up for your first month. Need more? Just ask, and we will send more your way.

Sign up for the 30 for 30 Coaching Program

If you are a Coach Training EDU alumni, please email emily@coachtrainingedu.com to enroll in a $30/mo subscription.

If currently enrolled in a Coach Training EDU training course, you will find links and password on your coach training materials page.

If you are interested in enrolling in a Coach Training EDU course and want to check out a 30 for 30 coaching session, drop us a note in the contact form or give us a call at 503.360.6700.


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