The Value of A Check In Question

Every morning, our HQ Team connects remotely for our morning meeting. As a team that has been remote for many years, we understand that it takes a great amount of self-motivation and practice to feel comfortable in the space.

At the beginning of our daily meetings, we ask a check-in question to connect and grow closer as a team. These questions can be light hearted, silly, or could be something that requires slightly more reflection. We’ve shared some of our favorite check-in questions below!

If you could be any fruit and why, what would you be?

What is something you came across lately that gave you hope or inspiration?

What is one interest of yours that others in this group may not know about? 

What was your most memorable gift and why?

Have a check-in question you love and want to share? Let us know in the comments below for others to use in their next meetings!

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