The Accuracy of Agency

Assessing your agency is a habit. Some people consistently overestimate agency, get in over their heads, and end up overwhelmed. Some underestimate, delay and hesitate, and end up frustrated. Ideally, you’re able to accurately know your abilities as well as the time, energy, and resources available, and plan impeccably, but it’s rare.

What’s your habit in rating your agency?

2 thoughts on “The Accuracy of Agency”

  1. John, you make a good point about overestimating one’s agency. Although, research has shown that high levels of optimism correlate to high levels of fulfillment, when rating one’s agency, having an “inappropriate” level of optimism can lead to bad decision-making. In some cases, erring on the side of pessimism may be helpful. The trick in agency assessment is a high level of objectivity; in the assessment of our abilities, the current situation and our chances of success.


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