Surrounded by Good Ideas

Trying to fly solo is tough work. Sure you might save time since you don’t have to wait on anyone else. But taking the time to surround yourself with people who share ideas generously and freely, is not just worth it. It’s priceless.

How well have you surrounded yourself with people who share generous ideas?

2 thoughts on “Surrounded by Good Ideas”

  1. On a scale from 1-10, I’d say 6 or 7 probably. When I think about this I am struck with how many examples I can think of where we as people are better together. I also think about where I can improve on implementing this.

    A corny (yet true!) saying a friend says of “teamwork makes the dreamwork” also comes to mind:) And this doesn’t just apply to one area of life, it can be brought into the many different slices and areas that make up who we are.

  2. Keeping myself in good company is something I’m very intentional about. Whether it’s friends, family, or support staff, those closest to me are the ones I can exchange ideas with.


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