Self-Compassion While Growing a Coaching Practice with Ellen Gilbert

We were honored to have CTEDU Wellness graduate, Ellen Gilbert, connect with John, CTEDU Co-founder, on her life coaching journey. Ellen’s from rural Kentucky but always knew she wanted to see the world. She moved to NYC to study International relations then launched a career in International Women’s Rights. She was working with inspiring women all over the world helping them develop their business acumen and came to notice a common theme among these trailblazers. The transformative leaders she was working with were burning out and that’s when she decided to make a change in her career. She became a self-care coach. Now what does being a self-care coach entail? It’s about self-compassion, working with clients that want to improve their relationships with themselves.

Watch the interview to learn more about the importance of mindfulness, best practices for wellness coaching and Ellen’s moving experience as a life coach.

Where can you find Ellen?
At her website:
On Instagram and Facebook @Luminousleanings

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