Reacting to Apparent Negative Phenomenon

Hope theory does not only point toward the future. It helps explain why people react in such different ways to setbacks. When you have the pressure to prove yourself worthy by having to get immediate results, setbacks are a threat to the safety of your identity. When you have a core belief in your agency and ability to learn new skills, negative phenomenon becomes information to help you become stronger and you have a chance to respond without the influence of panic.

What helps you respond from a place of growth?

1 thought on “Reacting to Apparent Negative Phenomenon”

  1. I am always able to respond from a place of growth and I am able to take a step back from my emotions! Often I can find them imbedded in emotions like fear & rejection, and being able to separate myself from those gives me a bit more clarity. It’s often just me being a bit too hard on myself!

    Great question John! (And a great question to ponder for those with negative self talk)!


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