Core Motivation


Core Motivation is not your typical personality typing system. It does not place individuals in a box, rather it celebrates individuality and helps us understand why we do the things we do. Based on the personality system, Enneagram, Core Motivation delves into the heart of what motivates us, the challenges we face, how we react to those challenges, and how to overcome the the things that are holding us back. Each of the nine Core Motivation Types has roots in ancient wisdom traditions as well as modern psychology and describe general patterns we as human beings all share. Firmly rooted in the belief that the specific patterns of thought, emotion, and action that make up our personality are malleable, this book can help people identify and change negative patterns. No system can completely capture a unique personality. However, Core Motivation Types can point to different areas to be aware of and consider as you continue to learn more about yourself.

John Williams is the founder of Academic Life Coaching, a life coaching program specifically for teens. The Core Motivation book began as notes and suggestions given to high school students and their parents to better understand each other. It is now used as part of a foundation to help students become more self-aware and lead engaged and effective lives. If Core Motivation can work for parents and their teenagers, it can work for you!



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