Launch Your Life
Coach Career.

Your future clients need you.

Your community & family need you.

The world needs more empathy,
courage, and curiosity.

It’s more than a career.

It’s a movement.

Power to the Curious.

Coach Training EDU offers ICF accredited life coach training and business building courses to empower individuals to establish thriving coaching practices and turbo-charge coaching careers.

Join the Coaching Movement.

Since 2009 Coach Training EDU has trained hundreds of coaches and worked with dozens of universities and organizations in over 30 countries.

From New York to Dubai you have the opportunity to join a passionate community of trained and certified coaches.

The training course is designed for change makers and those with a big heart to empower others.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply.

Coach Training EDU Nationwide Life Coach Training | University Approved & Accredited Training Programs

“Coach Training EDU opened my eyes to my own life’s purpose through their training program. Not only did I get my certification, but I found my life’s purpose through Coach Training Edu’s amazing program.”

-Lauren Reins

Reach the Next Level.

Coach Training EDU’s courses are for those yearning to make a positive impact and ready to invest the time, energy, and resources to take on an accredited training program.

The course is demanding. It will stretch you and your abilities. In the process you’ll gain a skill set and powerful blueprint to launch you to the next level.

World-Wide Coaches Network.

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The best part of the training is the deep and meaningful friendships forged over the course of a rigorous training experience.

The network you create and have with Coach Training EDU is a tremendous asset to launching you the to the next level in your career. Your training includes access to the Alumni Network with ongoing weekly webinars led by Coach Training EDU’s founders, trainers, and special guests.

It’s a community of people passionate about changing the world and supporting each other build successful coaching careers.

“Coach Training EDU is providing the content, skills and business development direction I need to launch my second career as an Executive Wellness Coach. Thank you!” – Mike Hesser

Explore Your Coach Training Options.

Infuse your decision of coach training options with the power of coaching.

We’ve designed a 25 minute exploratory session for individuals considering starting a coaching career to support you in making an informed and empowered choice.

You’ll explore your goals and values.

You’ll have a chance to explore factors that we’ve found most often lead to building a successful coaching practice.

You’ll have an opportunity to evaluate different options and ask questions about the coaching field.

Contact us to set up a time to speak with a Success Coach.


Is Coach Training EDU for you?

See what other participants have said about the training program.

Check out program details: Academic Life Coach Training, Executive Coach Training, and Wellness Coach Training.

You can read our FAQ section or request a PDF with a summary of the information.

You can check out tuition and full year course schedule as well as certification requirements.

The next best step is to schedule a 25 minute exploratory call with a Success Coach.

Upcoming Coach Training Schedule

Courses usually fill two weeks before the start date. Here is our full year course schedule.


1.0 Executive Coach Training

Webinar Starts Mondays 4-6pm Pacific


1.0 Academic Life Coaching

Webinar Starts Mondays 5-7pm Pacific


1.0 Wellness Coach Training

Webinar Starts Wednesdays 5-7pm Pacific


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