Neuroscience of Coaching

Take your coaching to the next level with the ICF-accredited program, the Neuroscience of Coaching. CTEDU is partnering with Master Mind Institute (MMI) to offer this hybrid program exclusively to the CTEDU community. By applying neuroscience principles to your coaching, you’ll enhance your presence, credibility and effectiveness while also earning 12 Continuing Coach Education Credits. 

Use Neuroscience to Build a Growth Mindset in Your Clients

You’ll use coaching strategies to create a learning mindset in your clients to help them optimize their personal and professional potential. Learning how to use neuroscience to encourage clients to create stretch goals, be reflective about their mistakes and be willing to design new strategies.  

Deepen Coach-Client Relationships

You’ll learn how to bring awareness to your clients regarding how their brains are actually changing and growing, motivating them to be even more coachable.

While also learning more about how the human brain is also wired to mimic the actions and emotions of others. These circuits in our brains are said to be mirroring, and their activity helps us understand the perceptions and intentions of others. They can be activated to create better alignment with your clients, enhancing your ability to support and guide them effectively.

Develop a Centered Coaching Presence

Coaches, just like all humans, have a limited amount of attentional bandwidth and need to practice being open, flexible and grounded. Both conscious and non-conscious items along with strong emotions can fill up this attentional bandwidth and hurt your coaching presence. Thankfully, by understanding the strengths and limitations of your attention, you can design systems for minimizing distractions as well as build opportunities to practice controlling your attention.

How it Works

When: It’s a 6-week program starting Wednesday, November 4th from 1-3pm PT. 

Price: $900 USD

Prerequisites: Coaches must have completed at minimum one CTEDU 1.0 course or  you’re currently enrolled and at least halfway through your 1.0 course by the start date of this program.

Logistics: Enrolled coaches will experience hybrid learning by completing the three parts of this program:

  • 10 pre-recorded sessions from MMI’s course Information for Transformation: The Neuroscience of Coaching

  • 6 Live Training Sessions
  • Attend at least 3 LIVE Q&As with Master Coach Hayden and Neuroscientist Dr. Kelly (Recurs every two weeks. Attend at your own convenience.)

Syllabus for 6 Live Training Sessions

Building upon the video course, these 6 sessions will go into more detail around these themes and additional compelling scientific studies that support the brain science. Coaches will also have the opportunity to immediately practice what they learn with each other.

November 4th – Neuroplasticity: A more detailed look at neuroplasticity: the brain is incredibly, endlessly changeable.

November 11th – Motivation & Exploration: A deeper dive into the brain science of risk and attaching values to all goals.

November 18th – Emotions: A more elaborate exploration of negative beliefs and healthy emotions.

December 2nd – Attention: A more complete look at focus and reflection.

December 9th – Social/ Relationships: A more intricate lesson at the socially wired brain.

December 16th – Innovation & Creativity: A more thorough review of our innate capacity for creativity.

Hear from your Instructors!

Hayden Lee, MCC

CTEDU alumni, former lead trainer, co-creator of Executive Life Coaching 1.0 and co-founder of Master Mind Institute, Hayden Lee, works with high achieving, highly motivated, and highly committed executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to make the changes needed for exponential growth in their personal and professional lives.

He’s coached leaders from Fortune 500 and Forbes 500 companies. By using his coaching expertise backed by neuroscience research he is able to deepen awareness for leaders at the individual level. This drastically improves communication and productivity at the team level and eventually elevates the entire organizational culture.

He is a certified practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership Culture Survey and the Integrative Enneagram personality and motivation system. Using these tools, he works with individuals and teams who are passionate about increasing their leadership effectiveness and creating work cultures that inspire individuals and teams best. Hayden has trained and mentored over 100 coaches worldwide. He is on the coaching faculty of Integrative Enneagram Solutions and Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics

Kelly Kent, PhD & Neuroscientist

Kelly Kent is a neuroscientist that connects her passion for the brain with all of her work, including as a school board member, corporate creativity consultant, business-owner, speaker, and her hardest job of them all, parent.

Since she completed her Ph.D. in the molecular mechanisms of stroke recovery in 2011, Kelly has been taking her experience and expertise garnered at higher educational institutions and applying them to the real world around her. While on the one hand, Kelly was pursuing her post-graduate work in autism at the University of Southern California, she was also simultaneously teaching and mentoring graduate and undergraduate students. Kelly taught psychology undergraduate students at Moorpark College in Simi Valley and currently teaches neurobiology to psychotherapy graduate students at Antioch University in Culver City.

The application of neuroscience to everyday life became her primary focus when Kelly co-founded adaptED Consultants. Through adaptED, Kelly has grown a company that uses neuroscience to provide tools to drive individual and organizational growth. This is accomplished by aligning corporate work cultures with how the brain functions optimally, training leaders to manage with the brain in mind and helping organizations determine their own “brain-based” best practices.

Realizing the important role that coaches play in the organizational development and professional development world, Kelly approached Master Certified Coach, Hayden Lee to propose a neuroscience of coaching training program. With recognition of the value each respective field plays in enhancing human and organizational potential, Master Mind Institute was born.

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