Essential Coach Training in

Seattle, Washington


What is the 1.0 Essential Coach Training Program?

The 1.0 Essential Coach Training Program is a foundational coach training program that prepares you to help your clients unleash their personal and professional potential.

How does in-person training work?

The in-person training option for the 1.0 Essential Coach Training Program consists of three in-person, weekend-long intensives and two online webinar meetings. As part of your training and certification, you will also be required to complete three coach-client overviews with your trainer. See a breakdown of all training requirements below:

  • Weekend Intensives: The 60 hours of in-person training are the bulk of your training experience. You will meet both Saturday and Sunday, for one weekend a month, for three months.
  • Online Webinars: Between weekends 1 and 2, and weekends 2 and 3, you will meet with your trainer and fellow coaches for an online webinar meeting.
  • Practice Client: During your three months of training, you will be required to find and work through at least 10 coaching sessions with a practice client.
  • Coach-Client Overviews: Throughout your training, you will complete three mentor coaching sessions with your trainer. These sessions are a time for your trainer to listen to your coaching and provide you with feedback.
  • Final Coaching Review: The final step in your training a certification process is to submit your application for certification and a final coaching recording for review by your trainer. Once your final review is approved, you will receive certification as an Associate Certified Success Coach.

Upcoming Start Dates

Weekend Intensives: TBD
Webinar Meetings: TBD
Location: Shoreline-Lake Forest Senior Center

Meet The Trainer

Hannah Finrow PCC

Hannah is currently a Coach Trainer for the 1.0 Wellness and 1.0 Essential Coach Training Programs. She is passionate about learning, growth and people! When she is not training, she is likely coaching remotely from her home in Seattle, where she lives with her husband Nick.


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