Essential Coach Training Defined.

Life Coaching is the practice of partnering with clients to help clients clarify desired outcomes and create actions and habits to achieve them.

At its core, Essential Coach Training is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program. Based on positive psychology and coaching best practices, Essential Coach Training delivers state-of-the-art coach training.

A focus on business and professionalism.

Essential Coach Training is a core ICF accredited coach training program that also focuses on equipping you with the skills and tools to work with entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. Leaders and executives understand the power and benefits of coaching. Essential Coach Training gives you tangible coaching tools  to help you excel in your career.

“The Executive Coaching 1.0 class has been practical, relevant and immediately applicable to both my life experiences and the experiences of my friends. The instruction is concise and easy to follow. Our instructor models the coaching techniques and empowers us to activate immediately as we have a coaching session with specific instruction during each class. I’m using what I learn through those exchanges with my classmates to move forward in my own goals! I cannot wait to learn and grow more in this area of personal development!”

-Michelle Bentham/p>

What you will earn by joining Coach Training EDU in New York, New York.

  • A training manual that includes the book Essential Life Coaching, additional commentary, class agendas, and bonus materials
  • 3 one-on-one coach mentoring sessions
  • 60 hours of Life Coach training that has been approved by the International Coach Federation to qualify participants to become Associate Certified Coaches
  • Designation as a Certified Essential Life Coach (CELC)
  • Business-building support and access to sample materials to help you launch your Life Coaching career and create a successful business

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Power to the Curious.


Meet the trainer:

John Andrew Williams

John Andrew Williams is the founder of Essential Coach Training and the other Coach Training programs, the author of 5 books, and a former high school Latin teacher. He is passionate about education and providing an outstanding learning environment for insights and exploration. John’s private practice focuses on working with teenagers, and he has logged over 2700 hours of individual coaching. He has been a speaker at several ICF conferences from Portland, Oregon to Dubai, UAE.

John delivers in person training in Portland, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, and Dubai.


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