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Become a Certified Life Coach in Kiev, Ukraine

Essential Coach Training offers life coach training in Kiev, Ukraine, the centre of the Ukrainian capital. The course gives you a chance to spend three weekends in the atmosphere of life coaching, friendship and professional support. In the first weekend we also explore the business environment of Ukraine and the opportunities that Kiev and other big cities offer to launch your life coach career. Kiev, as the capital of Ukraine, is the heart of the country and the centre of its life, including business and student life. You will always have enough areas for work! There are also many Ukrainian and international organizations who need professional life coaches and individuals to support them.

How it Works

The Essential Coach Training Program 1.0 is designed to be completed over three weekends. These three weekends, plus completing three coach-client overviews with your trainer, equals the complete Essential Coach Training 1.0 Program.



Essential 1.0

This training program has two sides and both of them you will love. The first one is the professional side, which helps you to get all coaching skills and tools for successful work, knowledge about how to build your own business as a coach, and professional support from coaches from over the world. The second side is more of a playful one, where you enjoy communication with people who are on the same wave as you and you are able to find a resource for self growth. The important thing is that the Essential Life Coaching program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) , and all the training hours count towards ICF credential. Upon completion of the program, you will be a Certified Essential Life Coach and have 60 training hours completed towards ICF certification.

What you will get through Essential Coach Training in Kiev, Ukraine

  • A training manual that includes the book Essential Life Coaching, additional commentary, class agendas, and bonus materials
  • 3 one-on-one coach mentoring sessions
  • 60 hours of in-person Life Coach training that has been approved by the International Coach Federation to qualify participants to become Associate Certified Coaches
  • Designation as a Certified Essential Life Coach (CELC)
  • Business-building support and access to sample materials to help you launch your Life Coaching career and create a successful business

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Meet the Trainer

Julie Pavlova is a Ukrainian psychologist and life coach, the author of “The Body is your partner book” and a former trainer for programs for teenagers. She has experience as a volunteer for Peace Corps and other international programs; also Julie has worked as a body – oriented therapist for 6 years. She uses all her experience as a base for deep coaching processes and keeps balance between coaching and therapy. Julie is a member of Ukrainian club for professional coaches; she has been a speaker at several conferences of this club in Donetsk and Kiev.

Julie delivers in person training in Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa (UA), Minsk (BY), Moscow and Saint Petersburg (RUS).


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