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Kiev, Ukraine

Build the Foundation.

Essential provides a solid, research-based foundation in coaching and positive psychology.

Love Your Training.

Participants rave about the engaging training sessions and experience of Essential Coach Training.

Launch your coach career.

Essential Coach Training gives you the tools and support to start your coaching career.

Earn Certification with Essential

Becoming certified with Essential Life Coaching will place you at the forefront of the life coaching revolution.

Essential Coach Training. Defined.

Coach Training

Life Coaching is the practice of partnering with clients to help clients clarify desired outcomes and create actions and habits to achieve them.

At its core, Essential Coach Training is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program. Based on positive psychology and coaching best practices, Essential Coach Training delivers state-of-the-art coach training.

A Focus on Business and Profesionalism

Essential Coach Training is a core ICF accredited coach training program that also focuses on equipping you with the skills and tools to work with entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. Leaders and executives understand the power and benefits of coaching. Essential Coach Training gives you tangible coaching tools to take to your people to help you excel in your career.

“I just wanted to say that I am loving the format where we get to coach, be coached, and be an observer.  It is great to be in such a safe and learning environment.  I get to play around with my coaching presence and see where I think things are going well, and what I  need to change in order to get better.  This is definitely a coach approach to learning how to coach!  :-)”

-Natalie O’Connor

OU Department of Human Flourishing

Cutting-Edge & Research-Based.

Essential Coach Training has a solid foundation in positive psychology. Coach Training EDU is working with the University of Oklahoma Institute of Human Flourishing to create a coaching to flourish model.

Kiev, Ukraine

Love Your Training Experience.

Participants rave about the training experience. Frequent feedback from participants is that they have grown as much personally as they do professionally. Wellness is designed on a flipped-classroom model. Since the lectures are prerecorded, training time is spent in Q&A and actual coaching practice. Academic Coach Training is offered primarily as an online course.

Kiev, Ukraine

Launch Your Coaching Career.

Essential Coach Training also offers you tools to launch your business quickly and efficiently. From case studies to the opportunity to be a featured coach and guest blog on the Essential site, we give you a foundation and starting point to build your coaching career.

“I am blown away with your attention to detail, your professionalism and encouragement and want to say how much I am in AWE OF WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED AND CONTINUE TO CREATE EVERYDAY.
Thank you.”

-Sergio Gonzalez

What you will earn by joining Coach Training EDU in Kiev, Ukraine

  • A training manual that includes the book Essential Life Coaching, additional commentary, class agendas, and bonus materials
  • 3 one-on-one coach mentoring sessions
  • 60 hours of in-person Life Coach training that has been approved by the International Coach Federation to qualify participants to become Associate Certified Coaches
  • Designation as a Certified Essential Life Coach (CELC)
  • Business-building support and access to sample materials to help you launch your Life Coaching career and create a successful business

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“I am blown away with your attention to detail, your professionalism and encouragement and want to say how much I am in AWE OF WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED AND CONTINUE TO CREATE EVERYDAY.
Thank you.”

-Sergio Gonzalez

Meet the Trainer

Julie Pavlova is a Ukrainian psychologist and life coach, the author of “The Body is your partner book” and a former trainer for programs for teenagers. She has experience as a volunteer for Peace Corps and other international programs; also Julie has worked as a body – oriented therapist for 6 years. She uses all her experience as a base for deep coaching processes and keeps balance between coaching and therapy. Julie is a member of Ukrainian club for professional coaches; she has been a speaker at several conferences of this club in Donetsk and Kiev.

Julie delivers in person training in Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa (UA), Minsk (BY), Moscow and Saint Petersburg (RUS).

“How to Apply?”

We’re delighted you asked. 🙂

To apply for the course send us a note. We’d love to answer any questions you have and send you an application link.


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