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Become a Certified Life Coach in Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is always thriving to improve its beauty as the Lebanese are always investing to improve the quality of Life.

Lebanon’s trending approach for a better life is invisioned through life coaching. This is an untapped market emerging into enhancing and excelling towards life achievments.

Life coaching in Lebanon is becoming a breakthrough for Lebanese who want to achieve and help obtain a better life style.

Life coaching is on the right path to become a booming economic factor for helping the Lebanese attain, achieve, and exceed their current situation into a realm they only dreamed of.Essential offers life coach training in Beirut, Lebanon. The course kicks off with an in-person weekend training where you’ll cover the foundation of life coaching. In that first weekend, we also cover the business environment of Lebanon and the opportunities that Beirut offers to launch your life coaching career. Beirut has enough of a corporate and business environment to support executive coaching as well as people who are passionate about health and wellness and gravitate to life coaching.

How it Works

The Essential Coach Training Program 1.0 is designed to be completed over three weekends in Beirut. These three weekends, plus completing three coach-client overviews with your trainer, equals the complete Essential Coach Training 1.0 Program.



Essential 1.0

Our life coach training teaches the skills necessary to become a certified life coach, as well as teaches the basics of starting and running your own Life Coaching Business. The Essential Life Coaching program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) , and all training hours count towards ICF credential. Upon completion of the program, you will be a Certified Essential Life Coach and have 60 training hours completed towards ICF certification.

Developed by John Andrew Williams, Essential Life Coach training is one of the few training courses that offers materials and support in helping you develop a business plan and get your first paying Life Coach clients. We are committed to helping our Life Coaches succeed in their new rewarding career.

What you will get through Essential Coach Training in Beirut, Lebanon

  • A training manual that includes the book Essential Life Coaching, additional commentary, class agendas, and bonus materials
  • 3 one-on-one coach mentoring sessions
  • 60 hours of in-person Life Coach training that has been approved by the International Coach Federation to qualify participants to become Associate Certified Coaches
  • Designation as a Certified Essential Life Coach (CELC)
  • Business-building support and access to sample materials to help you launch your Life Coaching career and create a successful business

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Meet the Trainer

Nada Jreissati Daher is a Master Certified Coach trainer and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) based out of Beirut, Lebanon. Nada specializes in workplace leadership and communication and has more than 22 years’ experience working with some of the national and multinational leading organizations along with healthcare and governmental bodies. She is the founder and managing director of PragmaDoms, a Coaching and Development Company, dedicated to the coaching as a profession.


Nada delivers in person training in Beruit, Lebanon and other areas in the Middle East.


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