Live Interview – The Catalyst of Grief with CTEDU Trainer Teresa Gallis

Every day, our team, coaches in training, and alumni are inspired by the incredible individuals that are our trainers. They are fantastic coaches, and embody the growth and resilience that we as a training institution strive to nourish in our community. This Thursday, we have the pleasure of connecting with trainer Teresa Gallis.

Watch CTEDU Co-Founder and President John Andrew Williams as he interviews  CTEDU trainer Teresa Gallis. Tune in for a conversation on Teresa’s coaching journey, and how navigating grief in her own life has taught her the resilience that became a catalyst in discovering her coaching niche.


About Teresa Gallis:

Teresa is a Professional Certified Coach who helps busy women recharge while exceeding their goals in the midst of uncertainty. She has a Masters in Teaching, a background in nontraditional education, and certifications in Academic Life Coaching and Wellness Life Coaching, along with over 2700 hours of experience, most of which has been coaching busy women (ranging from high-school and university students to parents) who were earning a degree while working. Sunshine, cultural exchange, connecting with friends and family during brisk walks, campfires, and celebrating her toddler’s discoveries invigorate her.

Connect with Teresa:

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