Learning from the Process

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Sometimes what you learn in the process is more valuable than if you accomplished the original goal. When trying to get your first few life coaching clients, getting insightful feedback on your pitch is worth more than landing a few lucky clients. Indeed, much of the magic of coaching comes from a coach’s perspective of focusing on the learning over action steps. And the most amazing part: when a powerful insight comes, action and desired outcomes naturally follow.

When is what you’re learning more valuable than the goal?

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Counting 3 Blessings

Perhaps the most famous intervention of positive psychology, Counting 3 Blessings, offers an elegant and simple exercise that boosts positivity and primes your mind to enjoy future goodness. The idea is to recall and write down three happy things that happened to you that day. What I love most about the exercise is when a blessing comes to mind that I otherwise wouldn’t have considered. It brings back such sweet moments and memories that otherwise would have faded.

What are three blessings you’re grateful for in 2019?

A Head Start for 2020

New Year’s is the life coaching holiday. It’s a time for cleansing. It’s a time when people try to live their best lives and resolve to do something different in the new year. And to get the most out of the collective boost and spiffy newness, it helps to get a head start. How can you give yourself a head start going into 2020?

Making Giving Sustainable

One of the most robustly proven ways to build a successful practice as a life coach is the ability to give workshops to small (and sometimes not so small) groups. These workshops, however, take lots of time and energy to set up, deliver, and follow up. There’s no way around the effort needed to hustle. The real question is whether you can make the needed effort sustainable as you start to develop a sustainable client base. How can you make giving sustainable?

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  1. Liam Anderson

    ….When I can apply that learning to win repeatedly


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