How do you know which question to ask?

In the podcast yesterday, Bryan Hart, who is co-leading our weekly casts, brought a question from a coach training participant. The question was about how do I know, as an experienced coach, which question to ask. It’s a valid question with many different dimensions. Yet after reflection, the simple answer is to follow your curiosity based on a hypothesis.

If your client had all the internal and external tools available to accomplish the set goal, what would you be most curious about?

1 thought on “How do you know which question to ask?”

  1. I was reflecting on this during a group coaching session I just concluded. Some of the most powerful coaching I’ve experienced didn’t ask me to explain or process out loud. The questions simply assumed that I was processing in ways I needed to and asked me how I wanted to interact with that process to move forward.

    If I start by assuming my client has all the tools available, my questions look much more forward focused. How are you moving forward? What are you taking with you that will support you in the journey? How does that impact your next steps? Always listening for where the client is in that moment, of course.


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