Join a community that is passionate about changing the world.

Launch Your Life Coach Career.

We believe life coaching transform lives, creates community and empowers possibilities. We believe in the global knowledge and integration of coaching.


We challenge the norm and color outside the lines and believe in a world where everyone is given the opportunity and skills to flourish and do their life’s work.


We believe in you. You have the opportunity to transform the world through empathy, courage and curiosity.

Accredited Life Coach Training.


Coach Training EDU offers 3 accredited life coach training and business building programs: Academic Life Coaching, Executive Coach Training, and Wellness Coach Training.

The training programs are designed for change makers and those with a big heart to empower others.

Learn from Anywhere in the World. 100% Remote.


Coach Training EDU’s courses are for those yearning to make a positive impact and ready to invest the time, energy, and resources to take on an accredited training program.

The course is demanding. It will stretch you and your abilities. In the process you’ll gain a skill set and powerful blueprint to launch you to the next level.

Become A Coach in 6 Months.


Coach Training EDU offers 3 accredited life coach training and business building programs: Academic Life CoachingExecutive Coach Training, and Wellness Coach Training.

We empower individuals to establish thriving coaching practices and turbo-charge coaching careers.

Join hundreds of CTEDU graduates from around the world.


Since 2009 Coach Training EDU has trained hundreds of coaches world-wide and worked with dozens of universities and organizations in over 30 countries.

From New York to Dubai you have the opportunity to join a passionate community of trained and certified coaches.

Learn More About Our Programs.


The network you create and have with Coach Training EDU is a tremendous asset to launching you the to the next level in your career. Your training includes access to the Alumni Network with ongoing weekly webinars led by Coach Training EDU’s founders, trainers, and special guests.

It’s a community of people passionate about changing the world and supporting each other build successful coaching careers.

Do Your Life’s Work

“As a life coach for women looking to overcome anxiety, it was important for me to have a foundation of coaching. I’m so grateful for Coaching Training EDU and the skills they brought to my coaching practice. Each class was personalized and I was able to create strong relationships with fellow coaches. I loved that I could be a part of a remote class, and our trainer, Hannah, was available outside of class to talk and answer any questions we had. During our course, I had personal breakthroughs that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to say YES to starting my life coaching business and move through blockages with a high self-awareness. I highly recommend.”

– Kayley Robsham

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