First Goal vs. Process Goal

[Goal Hack #1]

Start with a goal that you want to achieve. Let’s say it’s writing a novel by June 2019. The next step is to map out the process – the block of time and task to be accomplished – on a calendar. Now it’s time to hack the goal: put the first goal out of your mind and make sticking to the process – doing the disciplined work from your planned start to finish time – as much as your focus as you possibly can. 

What do you notice happens to your productivity?

1 thought on “First Goal vs. Process Goal”

  1. Excellent point, John! Something that has worked well with my clients, is having them break down their big goal (like writing a book) into smaller milestones (i.e.; chapters of the book) and then have them map out the process for the achievement of the milestones. This allows them to experience the sense of frequent “small wins”, which makes the larger goal less intimidating and provides consistent motivation toward its achievement.


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