Empathy’s Healing

empathy-is-about-finding-echos-of-another-person-in-yourselfIn ancient Rome, Rumor was imagined to be a bird who flies swiftly between towns. She starts out with a whisper. Then she gets a little louder, a little bolder, until she picks up a trumpet and goes full blast spreading scandalous stories.

In contemporary times, we have the Internet, 24-hour news cycles, and insta-constant social media designed to provoke emotions.

Under a barrage of information, when people have to shout to be be heard, listening becomes the rare commodity.

Rumor works by spreading the drama.

Empathy works by seeking to understand.

Listening doesn’t always mean agreeing, but it starts a path to healing.

In a topsy-turvy world, striving for empathy is a gift to yourself and others.

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