Embrace the Gamble

what-is-life-if-not-a-gambleWhy is learning to gamble the master skill of the 21st century.?

“Because gambling has taught me a great deal more patience with bad outcomes than I used to have” – Lars Russell

It’s the long game that’s most important.

Gambling – or at least getting comfortable with it – might be the master skill of the 21st century.

Last night, on a coach training session, someone mentioned how making tough decisions is a major block to her flow. The brain says, “Whao! Hey, there’s an important decision here. Let me take some time to think about it.”

Really, when you are making a decision, you are taking a gamble – Which one is going to be better?

Everyone likes a sure thing. Schools have been conditioning millions of people for decades to fear failure and find comfort in what is known.

Life coaching, and having regular weekly or biweekly coaching sessions, helps you make better decisions. This is part of why life coaching is so valuable.

But even more importantly, delaying a decision is really a choice too, and not one that usually leads to outcomes we want.

Embracing the gamble, the willingness to openly accept rejection, and to keep moving forward, is perhaps the master skill of the 21st century.

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