Follow along the journey of John and Emy, founders of Coach Training EDU, as they travel the US and Canada in a tiny house for a year to learn, connect, and inspire.

Their mission: to inspire you to listen to your life’s calling, take the leap, and do your life’s work.


Flourishing is the times in life when you’re doing your most important work.

Your life’s work might be pouring your heart into parenting. It might be starting that business you dream about. It might be finally writing that novel or reconnecting with a loved one.

It might be living and supporting others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It might be working toward redesigning education and seeking out what’s working to share and spread ideas about what’s possible in helping young people thrive.

Whatever work is in front of you, whatever work your life is asking you to do, your life’s work is waiting for you to take the step.


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