Coaching: Get More Out of Life

Do you want more out of your life-At sixteen-years-old, I couldn’t wait to get my first job. New people to meet, challenges to face, and certain learning were so close! I was so excited that I actually went to my first interview on crutches, fresh from knee surgery.

I have worked full time since that first job. I finished high school and then soon after, my AA degree from a local community college.

When I was twenty, I became General Manager at an amazing company with incredible people. I was hesitant at first, but I knew that the reward of the experience would be far greater than the risk of failure.

Through that time, I grew on so many levels. I was able to deepen my strengths of training and developing the potential in others to lead them to success. I grew personally, out of the people pleaser I had been, to being the direct communicator I am today.

I began pursuing my BA while I was still working 50+ hours a week. When I was introduced to coaching (from my very own Academic Life Coach), it was like my birthday, the 4th of July and Christmas all at once. I just knew.

I was meant to be a coach.

It’s been a journey; it wasn’t an instant change in career. In the transition from a salaried General Manager to a Life Coach, I graduated college, I had my own tutoring business, I was a Para Educator, and a Substitute Teacher. Oh, and I almost died.

For my first coaching job, I was actually interviewed over the phone when I was recovering from emergency surgery, laying flat on my back, in my PJs, covered in the crumbs from a saltine cracker.

Over three years have passed since I entered the world of coaching, and I have never looked back. I went looking for more out of my career and I found it. Life will always have adversity and adventure, but my experience with coaching has opened my eyes as to how to make the most of whatever I may face.

Do you want more out of your life? You’re in the perfect place to get started.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your own experience. This is what I need right now for being ready to answer on my own questions


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