Coach Training 2.0

New York, New York

Advanced Coach Training

Essential Coach Training 2.0 is an advanced coach training that takes a deep dive into the core competencies of coaching and the theories of positive psychology. It’s designed to be experienced by those who have graduated from the Essential Coach Training 1.0 program or have completed another ICF accredited program.

Essential Coach Training 2.0 Includes

60+ Coach Training Hours

The Essential Coach Training 2.0 program includes sufficient live training hours, self-study, and coach-client overview hours to give you the 60+ coach training hours you’ll need to earn your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). If you already have your ACC or if you have already completed the Essential Coach Training 1.0 Program, Essential 2.0 will give you enough hours for you to earn you Professional Coach Certification (PCC) from the ICF.

Certification as a Professional Certified Essential Coach

Course tuition includes the cost to become a Certified Essential Coach. To become a Professional Certified Essential Coach, you must attend the 1.0 and 2.0 trainings, complete 3 coach-client overviews, and work with a practice client for 10 coaching sessions.

Access to Business Materials

Essential Coach Training offers mentorship and case-studies on how to build a successful coaching business. You’ll gain insights and inspiration from the Essential-Coach-only podcasts, sample admin documents, marketing material, and business plans.

Supportive Community

You’ll receive lifetime discounts on books, future webinars and coach training offerings, and conference passes. Essential Coach Training cultivates a supportive community passionate about life coaching concepts, business, and connecting with fellow coaches.

Curriculum Essential Coach Training 2.0

The Essential Coach Training 2.0 Course explores four different themes. The first is an exploration of the Core Competencies of coaching as outlined by the International Coach Federation. The second, foundational theories of positive psychology. The third, ethics and business practices defined by the ICF. The fourth, business support and a look at case studies of successful life coaching practices as well as successful coaching applications to business.

ICF Core Competencies

The ICF outlines 4 different areas of coaching competencies:

1. Setting the Foundation
This section explores establishing the coaching agreement. The success of coaching depends on a client’s understanding of what coach is and isn’t, as well as the expectations that a client has about the coaching experience.
2. Co-creating the Relationship
The power in a coaching relationship is derived from the unique partnership created between a coach and client. Developing rapport and trust is crucial to effective coaching.
3. Communicating Effectively
Along with direct communication, this aspect of coaching explores how listening, powerful questions, and other coaching techniques come together to make a masterful coaching session.
4. Facilitating Learning and Results
The benefits of coaching come from the balance between exploring learning and generating action steps. Insights and results define a successful coaching experience.

Foundations of Positive Psychology

Coaching provides such a solid foundation for helping clients take meaningful forward action. Positive psychology offers insights into what has worked with others and the underlying theories of personal growth, character strengths and virtues, and positive interventions. This section in Essential Coach Training 2.0 explores some of the seminal theories of positive psychology from Carol Dweck’s growth mindset to the latest research coming out in the past two years. Essential 2.0 approaches positive psychology from a coaching standpoint and looks at how best to incorporate the insights from positive psychology into a coaching session.

Ethics and Business Practices

The ICF has drawn clear guidelines around the ethics and business practices of life coaching. Part of passing the ICF’s Coach Knowledge Assessment is having a deep understanding of the challenges coaches working in a corporate environment will face, especially when a company has hired you to be an in-house coach for several employees. Having an awareness of those guidelines as well as how best to communicate those guidelines to employers is central to establishing a sustainable coaching practice.

Business Support

You can’t be a successful coach if you can’t successfully enroll clients. Essential is also passionate about helping coaches launch successful coaching careers. Many of our graduates secure coaching jobs or are hired by institutions because they have successfully completed a program with a company accredited by the ICF. As coaching becomes more and more widespread and its benefits are understood, the field of coaching is set to expand at an even more rapid pace. Essential 2.0 gives you the tools to take advantage of that rapid growth in the coaching field.


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