Coach-Client Overviews

Part of your training will include recording yourself working with a practice client and reviewing that recording with your trainer. These coach-client overviews are a valuable learning experience and you will receive feedback to incorporate into your next coaching sessions.


How do Coach-Client Overviews Work?

During each of your coach-client overviews, you and your trainer will listen to a recording of a coaching call (of your choice). You will need to complete four overviews throughout your training, and these will take place at weeks 6, 12, 18, and 24. The due dates for each overview allows you to incorporate the feedback you get from your overviews into your next life coaching sessions. The following steps are helpful when planning and preparing for you overviews:

  1. Enroll a practice client and ask permission to create an audio recording of the your sessions. You can mention that it is for the the purposes of completing your training requirements.
  2. Record each of your sessions. You can use the voice memo on your phone/table/computer, or use some other recording device. You will want to record a number of sessions so that you can choose one to review that might provide a good learning opportunity.
  3. Check the sound quality. Be sure to play the recording on your computer or phone to check the sound quality. You will need to be able to hear both you and your life coaching client.
  4. Make sure it is easy to play on your computer with a good speakerphone, or send your recording to your trainer. Plan ahead, and be sure that everything is working before your scheduled overview.
  5. Make an appointment with your trainer.
  6. Enjoy your first coach-client overview and the learning process.
  7. Incorporate the feedback into your next life coaching session with your practice client(s), and repeat the process. You can use the same practice client for all of your recordings, or you can change it up.

For more information on how to prepare for coach-client overviews and what to expect, click here.

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