Logistics Coach Client Overview Guide

Coach Client Overview Logistics 
CTEDU step by step guide to the overview process and it’s logistics. 

Logistics of a Coach-Client Overview


Walk through the steps for preparing for your Coach Client Overviews.

STEP 1: Review the Coaching Standards 

Prior to hosting your first recorded coaching session, review these coaching standards:

  • 7 Elements of a Coaching Session & the 7 Essential Coach Qualities
  • TIME agenda-setting model  (and a TIME PowerHour )
  • Overview Assessment Sheet  (your personalized form is in your Google Drive folder)
  • Course Graduation Requirements

STEP 2: Record Your Coaching Session 

Be sure to obtain your client’s permission before recording a coaching session. It is usually sufficient to simply ask your client for permission to record at the beginning of a recorded session. If you want permission in writing, here are two sample consent forms –  Sample Coaching Agreement  and  Three-Party Sample Coaching Agreement . For more details, you can consult a local lawyer for guidelines and help with creating contracts.

Once you have permission, it’s recommended to record each coaching session while enrolled in the coach training program. Doing so lets both the coach and the client grow comfortable with being recorded and avoids feeling awkward or stilted from the pressure of being recorded. In addition, recording every coaching session gives you plenty of options to choose from for each overview. Another benefit is that when you have a stellar coaching session, it’s recorded.

Audio recordings for overviews must be in the delivery language of your training class unless you have specifically cleared using a different language with CTEDU HQ and the assessor. You will be assessed on each of the areas on the Overview Assessment Sheet. You will be asked to play your session recording from your own computer so that you and the assessor can listen together; please ensure that you are in a private space without interruptions during your overview.

STEP 3: Book Your Overview

Use the link provided on your class page to book each overview with your assessor. Send your self-assessment and audio recording two days before your scheduled time.

Contact your assessor as soon as possible if you will be unable to be present for the entire overview. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late to an overview, or if you need to leave early, you will need to reschedule your overview.

There is a $25 fee to reschedule late or missed overviews less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Contact your assessor to reschedule an overview.

It is your responsibility to book your overviews as per timelines in the program. Any overviews that are not completed by 4 weeks after the course end date will cost an additional $75 each.

STEP 4: Self-Assess the Coaching Session 

Before your overview, rewatch/re-listen to your coaching session. Access your Coaching Overview Sheet in your student folder on Google drive. Then complete these steps:

  • Timestamp each of the elements noted on the assessment sheet. For example, note when you asked each of the TIME (Topic, Importance, Measurement, and Echo) elements.
  • Score yourself in the “Coach” column based on the descriptions in each category.
  • Answer these questions found at the bottom of the assessment sheet:
  • What was your favorite coaching question?
  • What was your hardest moment in the session that you’d like feedback on?
  • Where did the client experience a shift or new awareness?
  • What went well?
  • What are your areas for growth?
  • What is one thing you want to do differently next session?

Step 5: Send Recording and Link to Assessment Sheet to your Assessor

Email the assessor at least 48 hours prior to your session with

the audio of your session recording OR add it to your Google folder. Also, label your recording with your name and which overview it is (e.g. “Williams, John. Overview #1”) and include the link to your shared Overview Assessment Sheet. 

Label the subject line of your email  to your assessor with 

  • Your name
  • Which overview it is (e.g #1, 2, or 3)
  • The program you are in (e.g. “Williams, John. Overview #1. ALC 1.0”). Your overview will be cancelled if your assessor has not received your audio recording and the link to your shared Overview Assessment Sheet (complete with your scores, timestamps, and the answers to your questions) two days prior to your scheduled overview.

Notes for Coach Client Overviews 

Overview #1

Due Date: Training Session 6

For this overview, your practice client can be one of your classmates . You will need to record a 20- to 30-minute coaching session. (It’s common for coaches to schedule an hour outside of your training sessions, and split the time between being a coach and a client.)

The first objective of Overview #1 is to discuss with the assessor specifically what you want to get out of your coach training, how your coach training is going, and how the assessor can support your goals.

The second objective is to connect with one of your fellow colleagues in the course. For this overview, you will need to reach out to one of your classmates and arrange a time outside of the usual course time to meet and coach each other.

The third objective is to listen to your coaching with the assessor, get actionable feedback, and experience what the overview process is like.

Overview #2

Due Date:  Training Session 12
For this overview, you will work with a practice client, and record a coaching session between 25 to 40 minutes in duration. A 30-minute coaching recording is ideal.

Refer to your shared online Overview Assessment Sheet. Click on the “Comprehensive Overview” tab at the bottom of the shared Google Sheet. Both you and your assessor will be able to see each other’s notes in real time.

Overview #3

Due Date:  Training Session 18
Same notes as Overview #2. You will find “Overview #3” tab at the bottom of the Google Sheet in your student folder.

You must complete all three overviews and score a 7 or above on either Overview #2 or #3 to complete the program. If needed, you may schedule more overviews with your assessor until you meet this standard. Refer to this sheet for more information.

After Completing the Overviews

Congratulations! If you’ve earned the required overview score by Training Session 18, you have a handful of classes left until you’ve successfully completed the course attendance requirements to successfully complete the class.

Thank you so much for being part of the Coach Training EDU community!