About Life Coach Certification

Earning your life coach certification makes you a better, more effective coach.

As an ICF accredited program, Coach Training EDU offers life coach certification as well as support through the accreditation process. 

Acquiring Life Coach Certification

Acquiring your life coach certification is a significant accomplishment. You ensure that your skills have met high standards. Your credential establishes your credibility. It helps you implement change in your institution and win grants. And it gives a boost in launching your business. Coach Training EDU training offers its own certifications that serve as a pathway to earning your credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

2 Levels of Certification

Coach Training EDU offers two different levels of life coach certification. The first is an Associate Certified Coach. You qualify for this credential by successfully completing a 1.0 level coach training course. The following are the available credentials.

  • Associate Certified Academic Life Coach
  • Associate Certified Wellness Coach
  • Associate Certified Executive Coach

The second is a Certified Coach. You qualify for this credential by successfully completing a 1.0 and the 2.0 Coach Training course. The following are the available credentials.

  • Certified Academic Life Coach
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach

These levels match the ICF’s structure of credentials and difference between an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

4 Certification Requirements

These are the 4 steps to certification. The only difference between Associate Certified and Certified is the length of the training and standards applied to the final recording.

  1. Successfully Complete a Coach Training Course. The first step is completing a coach training course. Each 1.0 and the 2.0 course meets for 24 training sessions over the course of 6 months. You will meet once a week, at a designated class time, for two hours. To become a certified coach you must attend 20 of these 24 training sessions. Each training session is recorded. So it is easy to catch up and get your practice coaching in with a classmate. 
  2. Work with a practice client through 10 coaching sessions. Coaches typically begin working with their practice client about half way through their training. Working with your practice client will help you gain firsthand experience as a life coach and give you the chance to practice the skills you learn in your training sessions. 
  3. Complete 10 hours of mentor coaching. The next, and sometimes most underrated, step toward becoming a certified coach is mentor coaching. Mentor coaching is meeting with your instructor one-to-one to listen to a recording of you working with a client. In your coach-client overview, your mentor coach will listen for certain elements in your coaching and give you useful feedback. Each course includes 3 hours of mentor coaching.* You can fulfill the other 7 hours in a group mentor coach format.
    • 3 Coach-Client Overviews. Having a trained and certified Life Coach listed to your coaching and give you feedback is extremely valuable. We recommended that you schedule your first overview as soon as you have a good recording with you practice client. This allows you to incorporate the feedback you receive into your next life coaching sessions.
    • 7 Group Mentor Hours. The Academy of Coach Training offers group mentor coaching so you may earn the 7 additional coach mentor hours you need for certification. Group Mentor Coaching is an integral part of your coach training and will provide you with feedback that you can use in your future coaching sessions.
  4. Complete a Final Exam. The final piece of certification is an exam with 25 questions and two 250 to 500 word essays. The exam takes at most an hour with most participants finishing within 45 minutes. 

*Note: 2.0 Participants will also receive 3 one-to-one coach mentor hours, making the total one-to-one coach mentor hours 6. The best option to fulfill the remaining 4 of 10 mentor coach hours is to enroll in the full 7 hour group mentor coaching.

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