“Studying with Coach training EDU is one of the best experiences in my life! I got not only certificate, profession, clients and career but answers on my questions, hope, confidence and friends.”
-Julie Pik

Coach Training EDU Certification

These levels of certification follow the ICF’s structure for certification and reflect the difference between an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Click for more details on the requirements for ICF certification.

  • 1.0 Course

  • Mentor Coaching

  • Associate Certified Coach

  • Any 1.0 Course

  • Mentor Coaching

  • 2.0 Coach Training

  • EDU Professional Certified Coach

ICF Certification

Coach Training EDU’s programs are also accredited by the International Coach Federation. Each 1.0 or 2.0 training program can be taken alone, or you can choose to complete the 1.0 level course, 2.0 Coach Training, and group mentor coaching in order to complete the full Accredited Coach Training Program.

  • EDU Associate Certified Coach

  • Coach Knowledge Assessment

  • 100 Logged Coaching Hours

  • EDU Professional Certification

  • Coach Knowledge Assessment

  • 500 Paid Hours of Coaching


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