Getting Out There

The Initial Nerves Along with the usual anxious fluster I feel in my armpits when I get nervous, I can feel the sweat building just under my eyes, and a similar heat building around my temples. My voice cracks slightly and I take a couple of awkward...

Practice Wellness-How to Get Started

Practice. Many things in life require practice. When we are little, we practice tying our shoelaces. In our teenage years, we practice driving. And as adults, many of us practice brewing that perfect cup of coffee each morning. Recently, I’ve found myself practicing...

Image of Wellness

If you took a Polaroid of wellness, what image would you capture? My picture would either be something predictable like a green smoothie or a Pinterest-worthy balanced plate of food. It might also be a picture of me laughing hysterically as I try to get my...

Coach the body, not only the mind

What is the most important part in the coaching process for you? Focusing on the client? Clearing the agenda? Listening and trusting the process? Yes! All of these things and one more: don’t forget that your client consists of not only a head (or mind) but a...
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