When You Find the Critical Moment

As a life coach trainer over the past decade, I’ve listened to thousands of recorded coaching sessions. In almost every coaching session within the first few minutes, a coach and client reach a [...]

Educating with vs. over

A friend who is a principal at a large public high school shared a story of a faculty meeting that happened this morning. The administrators were talking about different curricula and making [...]

Let’s Party like it’s 2029.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine that it’s January 2029. You’ve just had a beautiful and fulfilling holiday season, and you’re looking forward to an exciting and prosperous new [...]

You’re on speakerphone.

“She hasn’t seen this movie yet.” “The baby is sleeping.” It’s good to get a heads up so you don’t say something to disturb the situation. A quick piece [...]

How do you create a new habit?

Habits impact the foundation of success you will experience in your life and willpower can only serve as a limited resource in the creation of positive habits. When attempting to create new and [...]

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