Breaking Down Steps into Steps: The Best Trick for Meaningful Habit Change

take small steps quoteOne of life coaching’s greatest lessons is on the importance of breaking down larger goals into smaller and smaller steps. Big goals are great, but they do not truly allow you to take meaningful action or track progress. When you take that large goal, break it into steps, and then break those steps into even smaller steps, you create a lasting a reliable system for habit change.

The following format for breaking down your larger goals is a valuable tool for creating lasting habit change:

  1. Recognize you are stuck. Or that the task at hand is too big for one sitting or one todo.
  2. Break the task into three or more steps.
  3. Keep track of the steps.
  4. Do the first step.
  5. Repeat #3 and #4.
  6. If stuck, go back to step #1.

Doing your life’s work will require you to break down projects and goals into smaller and smaller steps. Furthermore, when you continue to break down your goals, you will realize the real progress you are making.

The real questions to are consider and focus on should be:

  • What’s your habit for breaking down things into steps?
  • What’s your system to keep track and make sure you follow through?

Success is in the system; fortune, in the follow-through.

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